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A well known corporate offering a range of highly effective labelling adhesives, labelling gums,  detergents, etc. since 1976...

An Introduction

Mr. Ameer Chand  Dassan Founder and Chair Man he was born in 27-Januray-1941 in Yangoon (Mayanmar) he  belong`s to business class family. He done his studies from Rangoon and Kolkatta Universities. He had done his M.Sc from Kolkatta  University. His beginning was in a very humble way in 1977 in a small rented room assisted by his wife Mrs. Neelam Dassan and an employee. His first client was M/s. Parquet Furnishers & Decorators a pioneer in wooden flooring. Our Adhesive Lamiquet was used extensively in laying the wooden flooring in great institutions like Talkatora Indoor Stadium, Viggyan Bhawan and many houses and apartments at posh colonies. The laying of wooden flooring in military hospital at Ladakh where temperatures goes down to minius degree, all the available adhesives of those days failed. Our Specially developed adhesive played a magnificent role and gave very satisfactory results  Thereafter complete wooden flooring was done by our adhesives. In 1980 M/s. Britannia Industries Ltd., wanted a special adhesives for there kraft paper and Tin Labelling. They have collected a number of adhesives from various Adhesives Manufactures but could not give the satisfactory result, then they  invited Mr. Ameer Chand Dassan to develop adhesives for them. In just 10 days adhesives were developed as per the specifications of M/s. Britannia Industries Ltd.,(King Of Biscuits Manufactures), thereafter M/s. Parle Industries Ltd., M/s. Nestle India Ltd., and many other Food Industries joined the prestigious list of clientle, He started supplying to M/s. Godffrey Phillips India Ltd., for bundling the cigarette packs. Meanwhile Mr. Ameer Chand Dassan was doing R&D on waterproof labeling adhesive for Breweries and other adhesives for labeling Paper Labels to Glass Bottles. After  R&D he developed BAC-2 GG(S)  Water Proof Labelling  Adhesive and took trial in nos of Breweries, after taking  trials and getting satisfactory reports he started supplying to M/s. United Breweries Ltd., M/s. Shaw Wallace Breweries Ltd., M/s. Mohan Meakins Breweries Ltd., M/s. M.P.Beer Products Pvt. Ltd., M/s. Mount Shivalik Breweries Ltd., M/s. Som Breweries Ltd., M/s. LiLa Sons Industries Ltd., and many other Breweries in between he was doing R&D on Labelling.

Adhesives For Paper to Glass Bottles (Polymer Based Adhesives) for Distilleries, Food & Pharmaceuticals most of the units were using dextrine based adhesives and they were facing problems and labels felt off the bottles after a few days. Then after doing R&D on that adhesives he was  successfully  in developing (Polymer Based Adhesive) and they start taking trials in nos. of Food Industries, Pharmaceuticals and Distilleries, He started getting satisfactory reports from these Industries  and started supplying to M/s. Mcdowell Industries Ltd M/s. Shaw Wallace  Ltd., M/s. Som Distilleries Ltd., M/s. Mohan Distilleries Ltd., M/s. J.P. Distilleries Ltd., M/s. Amrut Distilleries Ltd., and many more Distilleries Food Industries and Pharmaceuticals In 2005 high quality adhesive was developed for Paper Labels to Pet/HDPE and received very high responses from allied industries such as Distilleries, Food Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides and many more. Hot Melt Adhesive for Book Binding, Cartton Sealing, Toy Industries  were developed after a few number of tests.

Research work is in progress on a number of other adhesives for various Applications.

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that houses technologically advanced manufacturing units as well as a large group of highly talented workforce. The R&D center and quality testing center are the two nodal junctions at our concern, together shaping quality maintenance smoothly. All our unrivaled quality products are available at affordable prices. We can produce as per the requirement of our clients, and we also assure them of  prompt and punctual delivery.